Friday, 9 September 2011

What is Cancer

What is Cancer...

Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of body tissue cells are not normal. Cancer cells will grow rapidly, uncontrolled, and continue to divide. Furthermore, cancer cells will infiltrate into surrounding tissues and continue to spread through the connective tissue, blood, and the attack vital organs and spinal cord. The spread of cancer cells occurs within a time of rapid and uncontrolled.

Under normal circumstances, cells will divide only when there is turnover of cells that have died and broken. In contrast, cancer cells will divide continuously even though the body does not need it. So that will happen accumulation of new cells are called malignant tumors. Stacking the new cells will be an urgent and normal tissue damage that disrupts the organs they occupy.

Differences Tumor and Cancer
Any lumps contained inside or outside the body usually referred to as tumors. Tumors are divided into two types, namely benign and malignant tumors (cancer). Benign tumors are the type of tumor that is not dangerous because it does not grow larger and does not spread outside the network. Whereas malignant tumors are rapidly growing cells as well as uncontrolled and destructive lain. Malignant tumor is a type of malignant cancer.
There are at least three stages of normal cells turn into malignant cells (cancer). These three stages are as follows ...
1. Initiation Stage: This stage has a characteristic change in the genes of normal cells into cancer cells.

2. Promotion stage: At this stage, usually triggered by cell growth of abnormal cells that survive and continue dividing.

3. Stage Progression: Stages in the event of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells so that the size of the tumor becomes very large and the cancer cells begin to spread to other tissues or organs
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