Monday, 24 October 2011

Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of breast cancer
Breast cancer is one type of malignant cancer that most of the attacking adult women. As general, cancer cells have abnormal growth, as well as breast cancer cells, to date not yet known exactly what causes breast cancer, but several possible causes of breast cancer are as follows:
1. Age factor: Breast cancer is a type of disease affecting adult women and risk of breast cancer for women will increase when the age is increasing
2. Genetic factors: There are two types of genes namely BRCA1 and BRCA2 very likely be a risk factor for breast cancer. If your mother or sister with breast cancer, then you likely have an increased risk for breast cancer two-fold higher than other women in her family that no one with cancer.
3. Drug users: For example, a woman who uses hormone replacement drug therapy (Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT), like the hormone estrogen will cause increased risk of suffering from breast cancer.
4. The body's immune system fails to build
5. Breasts are often crushed / squeezed
6. Drinking alcohol and smoking
7. Ionizing radiation during puberty or later: depending on dose and age when exposed to radiation exposure
8. Obesity in women after menopause: Obesity increases the risk of contracting breast cancer in after menopause for women by 30%, due to excess fat in the body increases levels of estrogen and insulin, which is the most common causes of cancer.
Other factors are suspected as the cause of breast cancer is not married, or married but has no children, childbearing after age 35 years and never breastfed. Other studies revealed that the occurrence of breast cancer will increase in people who frequently experience stress and women who menstruate first when aged under 11 years old.
There are so many possible causes of breast cancer, and possibly cancer cell growth was triggered by a combination of several factors causing the above. All you can do is pay attention to the things mentioned above and always alert.Perform routine checks on your breasts for early detection of cancer.
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