Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Definition of Cancer

In this post I will be a little review about the definition of cancer. Maybe some of us still do not know what the meaning of cancer, such as whether it is cancer? Was it contagious cancer? And the questions that I will give an answer on this post. We often hear people talking about cancer, but we only hear without knowing what it is actually cancer.
Cancer is the type of disease is not contagious. but that does not mean cancer is a type of common diseases and could be underestimated. You are wrong if not underestimate this cancer disease. Why? To find the answer you must first know how the disease is cancer. Cancer is a general term abnormal cell growth such as cell growth is very rapid and uncontrolled. Although cancer is a disease that is not normal, but cancer is a highly malignant type of disease and is very dangerous for the sufferer.
Many  factors cause a person contracting cancer. And for the Review of the factors will cause my post on the next post.
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