Thursday, 15 September 2011

Method of Treatment of Cancer With a Knife Particles

Destroy and Eleminate the Ability of Cancer Cells Proliferation

With the sophistication and advancement of science and technology, as now, especially medical science, cancer is no longer the kind of deadly disease. Many ways can be done to treat and destroy cancer cells. One of them with a knife using a small solar particles. In addition to treating cancer, this method can also eliminate the breeding ability of cancer cells.

Now you'll want to know, the type of cancer treatment, such as whether the method of particle knife? Knives particle is a method of treatment of tumors or cancer using radiotherapy with radiotherapy and intra combining minimally invasive surgery. The trick is to embed tiny particles that contain radioactive rays or charged into the body of a tumor or cancer.

These particles will form in the surrounding area of ​​radiation that can inhibit the biosynthesis of DNA and RNA of cells so that tumors and cancerous cells lose the ability to procreate. So, with such tumors and cancer cells can be eradicated and destroyed with the maximum.

Particle radiation is a substance called iodine-125 with a length of 4.5 mm and has a diameter of 0.8 m, area of ​​operation of each particle reaches a diameter of 1.7 cm. Each particle can be likened to a small sun. The most powerful radiation of the particle lies at the core of the particle, the radiation beam can reach up to 1.7 cm from the core particles. Beyond that there is no ray radiation, so as to minimize damage to normal tissue around the tumor and cancer.

A professor from Guangzhou Modern Hospital Cancer said: knife particle is a minimally invasive treatment technologies. In the process of therapy, at first position of a tumor or cancer confirmed by CT scan. By knowing the position of the cancer and radiation dose is required, iodine-125 implanted into the cancer with the monitor guide image. Some particle radiation can be implanted at once by the cancer and the tumor size and particle radiation spread evenly into it. Each - each particle will build on the area of ​​radiation that will destroy cancer cells.
Planting the particle is a minimally invasive surgery, so that the wound caused quite covered with plaster. In addition, the energy required in therapy is also little that can prevent the occurrence of complications from major surgery, trauma from surgery and others.
Thus, this method could be an option for treating malignant diseases and dangerous cancer.

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