Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cancer Causes

Healthy is the grace of God that is extraordinary, with a healthy body we can be free to perform various everyday activities. So health is important to note.

There are so many diseases that can strike us at any time when the body is dropped. One of them is cancer, the type of malignant disease. To the solution, you can do early prevention before it's too late by routine examination by a doctor. And of course it helps if you slightly know the factors that cause these diseases attack the body. 
By knowing the factors that cause cancer, we can further enhance our awareness to avoid things that can cause cancer. or able to do prevention or early detection of cancer. Below are the causes of cancer:
1. Heredity. (for example, a woman's risk of cancers of the greater if the parents suffer from breast cancer).
2. Environmental factors. (as workers are more susceptible to asbestos disease mesothelioma cancer. Or also from the sun's ultraviolet rays)
3. Factors foods that contain chemicals
4. virus
5. infection
6. Behavioral factors. (as an example is smoking, smoking is a factor that can cause cancer)
7. Disruption of hormonal balance
8. Emotional factors. (constant stress also lead to cancer, because of the constant tension can affect the cells to become hyperactive and changed character to become malignant).
What I wrote above is a common factor that influence the occurrence of cancer.
Hopefully this little review can help ...

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