Friday, 8 July 2011

Symptoms of Cancer

Early detection in "cancer" is important for cancer patients, because with early detection, patients would get immediate treatment from a doctor that cancer is not to develop further. as a reminder on my previous post that the cancer can grow very quickly without control and without being able to be controlled. To be able to detect cancer as early as possible, you should know the symptoms of this cancer disease. In general, the symptoms depend on the type or organ attacked like:
Pain may occur as a result of widespread tumor pressing pembulu nerve and surrounding blood, immune and inflammatory reactions against growing cancers, and pain is also caused by fear. 

Bleeding or discharge that is not fair, eg saliva, coughing or vomiting blood, persistent nosebleeds, nipple fluid that contains blood, bloody fluid hole intercourse (between menopause menstrual) blood in the stool, blood in the urine. 

Changes in bowel habits. 

Losing weight rapidly due to less fat and protein (kaheksia). 

Lumps in the breast 

Digestive disorders, such as difficulty in swallowing constantly. 

Deaf, or the noises in the ears that persisted. 

Wound does not heal. 

Striking changes in moles or skin.
                    The above symptoms are common symptoms of cancer that is based on the organ under attack. By knowing the common symptoms of cancer patients can be directly checked by a specialist physician when cancer is detected symptoms of cancer as I have mentioned above in the body of a man who contracted cancer.

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