Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cancer Prevention

"Cancer" is a very dangerous type of disease, cell growth can occur very fast and uncontrolled. Cancer is a deadly disease so there should be an appropriate preventive measures against cancer. With prevention, hopefully we can avoid the danger of cancer. You can do the "prevention of cancer" is as simple as:
1. Avoiding cigarettes
2. Avoid alcoholic drinks
3. Eating fruits, vegetables, nuts are rich in fiber and antioxidants
4. Managing Stress Levels
By doing ways of preventing exposure as simple as above, is expected to minimize the spread of cancer in our bodies. Steps are simple to do but work great in saving the body of a highly malignant cancer hazard. In addition to performing with the above precautions, you can perform routine medical examination to a specialist to find early cancers, and consulting on appropriate preventive against cancer. By doing a routine medical examination, then our body will be spared from a malignant cancer. And the most important thing is to always implement healthy living habits. Because essentially all the diseases will attack the body when the immune system has decreased making it very vulnerable affected by various diseases, one of which is cancer. But by implementing a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly, then without realizing it we have to maintain the condition of the body remains the prime and boost immunity against all kinds of diseases including cancer. And in addition to cancer prevention, do not be too hard body to perform proof is excessive because the body also needs sufficient rest and you should set a regular eating pattern.
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